Product and process design

We work with our customers from the initial concept to the final implementation. We provide full support for product design and manufacturing processes - our experienced team of designers and engineers can help you with projects of all sizes. We have experience and the latest engineering technology for the construction of high quality molds and tools as well as machines and equipment for various industrial products.

Thanks to our extensive experience, skills and resources, we develop solutions that add value and reduce costs, while enabling our customers to achieve their core goals:

  • delivery on time,
  • design developed to meet individual needs and expectations,
  • clear communication supported by an internal planning and progress tracking system,
  • full project management and support from concept to final audit and approval.

In the designing process we use the latest versions of CAD software adapted to the specificity of our individual products:

  • we design molds and tools using Siemens NX software,
  • we use Siemens NX and Autodesk Inventor to design machines and equipment,
  • process of monitoring and archiving of engineering documentation is supported by TeamCenter software,
  • NC programs necessary to perform machining on CNC machines are developed using CAM module of Siemens NX software,
  • in the CNC machining process, it is necessary to correctly prepare NC programs. We verify our NC programs before using them with VERICUT simulation and optimization software. This allows us to detect potential collisions and errors in NC code without machine testing and to increase machining efficiency.

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