From the beginning of its activity, STOMET Sp. z o.o. treats the quality as the highest priority. In order to demonstrate the ability to continuously deliver products that meet the requirements of customers and the requirements of applicable regulations, and to strive to increase customer satisfaction, a quality management system has been established, implemented and maintained. Its effectiveness is constantly improving. 

The quality management system based on the requirements of IATF 16949 and PN-EN ISO 9001 standards covers the entire STOMET company and applies to the following types of activity, depending on its scope: 

  • design, manufacture and service of moulds and tooling 
  • design, manufacture and service of machines and devices 
  • machining of metal parts

Improved control and measurement process help us achieve customer satisfaction in terms of quality, delivery and service.

The independent Measurement Service, on the basis of records of engineering documentation, Quality Plans and Workshop Guides, conducts ongoing control at all stages of the production process, starting from the supply of materials, through the verification of compliance of components and cooperation services to the final control and release of finished products.

All control and measurement activities are performed by highly qualified technical staff on the basis of documented and standardized methods and with the use of equipment having valid calibrations or checks of authorized external units.

Our measurements are made mainly with:


Measurement range, mm

Workpiece weight, kg

Resolution, mm

Measurment machine DEA Pioneer 8.10.6 





L – measurment lenght [mm]

Electronic height gauge  TESA MICROHITE 600 

Z – 600


Accuracy U=(2+3L)µm

L- height of measured object[mm]

Measuring projector PV5100 with projection lenses from MITUTOYO

Measuring table dimensions
100 x 200


Magnification accuracy ± 0,1 %

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