Project managment

The project management process is a continuous process inherently related to the ongoing relationships with our Customers.

From the very beginning of our cooperation, each of our clients has been assigned a Project Manager, who conducts and supervises all the activities carried out for a specific client.

The process of managing a single project begins with the order acceptance and estabilishing of the Project Team. The Project Manager manages the works of the appointed Project Team at all stages of project implementation in order to ensure the achievement of the assumed objectives.

The Project Manager is the link between the Client and all departments in STOMET, participating in the implementation of the tasks on an ongoing basis, monitoring the progress of the projects in order to ensure timely fulfilment of the Client's requirements.

In the event of any changes in the project, the Project Manager shall assess their impact on the project and promptly responds to all questions concerning the feasibility and impact of the changes in terms of time or costs. This allows both parties to make the right decision on the next steps in due course.

From the beginning of the project to its completion, our engineers under the leadership of the Project Manager will help you at every stage of the project:

  • assess the feasibility of the project through feedback in all areas,
  • elaborate proposals for changes in the product design by providing data necessary for correction,
  • manage the project providing the necessary information at all stages of design and production,
  • achieve the required workmanship standard, using internal standards that meet customer expectations,
  • perform tests and acceptance - by engineering supervision, project manager and other qualified personnel.

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